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Our Vision

Empowering Real Estate Inclusion and Sustainability

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Story of a Vision

Mario had always dreamed of owning a house, but he knew it was a distant and unrealistic goal. He had seen her parents struggle with mortgage payments, interest rates, and hidden fees for years, and he did not want to follow the same path. He had heard of alternative ways of financing a home, but they seemed too complicated and risky. That was until she discovered Ekoke Token, a revolutionary platform that enabled anyone to buy or sell a house using digital tokens.

Ekoke Token was based on the principles of financial inclusivity, fairness, transparency, and efficiency. It eliminated compound interest and additional costs from the property transaction process, and made the transfer of ownership as simple and secure as exchanging a digital token.

Mario was intrigued by Ekoke Token's vision and decided to give it a try. He create an account on ICP blockchain and he logged on the Ekoke's DAP. He browsed through the listings of houses for sale and found one that matched his preferences and budget.He contacted the seller and agreed on the price and terms. He then transferred the required amount of Ekoke Tokens from his digital wallet to the seller's wallet, and received a confirmation that the ownership of the house was transferred to him. The whole process took less than an hour, and Mario was now the proud owner of his dream house.

Mario was amazed by how easy and fast Ekoke Token made the property transaction. He felt a sense of financial freedom and empowerment that he had never experienced before. He was also confident that his transaction was secure and transparent, as Ekoke Token used blockchain technology to record and verify every transaction. He was happy to be part of a community that shared Ekoke Token's vision of a future where homeownership was accessible to all without the burden of compound interest and additional costs.

Mario moved into his new house and invited her friends and family to celebrate. He told them about Ekoke Token and how it changed his life. He encouraged them to join Ekoke Token and realize their own dreams of homeownership. He was excited to see Ekoke Token grow and transform the real estate market and society. He was grateful to Ekoke Token for making his dream come true.

Ekoke token is a decentralized governance token that empowers the community to shape the future of the ekoke ecosystem.

Ekoke token holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards and participate in the decision-making process of the ekoke DAO.

Ekoke token leverages the power of web3 to enable interoperability, scalability, and innovation across multiple blockchain platforms and applications.

Ekoke token supports the development and growth of the ekoke NFT market, where users can create, trade, and collect unique digital assets.

Ekoke token ensures fast and secure transactions with low fees and high throughput, using state-of-the-art cryptography and consensus mechanisms.

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Our values

The values of Ekoke Token, as derived from its vision and mission, emphasize the following key aspects:

  • Incentive Digital Real Estates: Ekoke Token is designed to innovate the real estate market through tokenization and the creation of a dedicated NFT market for real estate.

  • Limited Supply: With only 8,880,101 tokens, Ekoke Token aims to provide a defense against inflation, ensuring value preservation.

  • Deflationary Mechanism: The economic model of Ekoke Token is deflationary, meaning the circulating supply decreases over time, potentially increasing its value.

  • 99-Year Lifespan: The token has a long-term perspective with a lifespan of 99 years, providing stability against inflationary trends.

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): After the initial year, Ekoke Token will be governed by a DAO, promoting transparency and community-driven decision-making.

  • Rewards for Digital Property Holders: By participating in the Ekoke ecosystem, investors can benefit from the deflationary nature of the token and potentially enjoy increased value over time.

These values reflect Ekoke Token’s commitment to creating a fair, transparent, and efficient platform for real estate transactions and ownership.


Roadmap of Ekoke token


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Our Team.

We are a lean team but with all the necessary skills to carry out our vision of a service useful for buying the house of your dreams.

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Essential Information About Our DAO

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