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roadmap ekoke token


Charting Our Course: The Ekoketoken Roadmap to Sustainability and Innovation

roadmap ekoke token



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2024 Q1


Explore the dynamic journey of Ekoketoken's project development. From inception to implementation, witness our commitment to sustainability, transparency, and innovation. Join us as we shape a greener future through blockchain technology and eco-conscious initiatives.

2024 Q3


Don't miss out on Ekoketoken's exciting airdrop! Participate to receive free tokens, engage with our community, and join the sustainability revolution. Limited time offer – seize the opportunity now!

2024 Q2


Experience the empowerment of Ekoketoken's DAO and SNS launch. Engage in decentralized governance, shape our sustainable future, and connect with like-minded individuals on our social media platforms. Join the movement towards a crypto, more inclusive ecosystem.

2024 Q4


Ekoketoken's listing on Binance is a milestone! Trade with confidence on one of the world's leading exchanges. Join the sustainable revolution and elevate your crypto journey with us.


2025 Q1

Gold-backed token

Discover Ekoketoken's innovative Gold-Backed Asset – a symbol of stability and sustainability. Backed by tangible gold reserves, our token offers a secure bridge between traditional assets and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency. Join us in revolutionizing finance while championing environmental responsibility.

2025 Q3

NFT marketplace

Unlock the future of real estate with Ekoketoken's Notary NFT. Seamlessly tokenize apartments, enabling fractional ownership and transparent transactions. Join our tokenization initiative and redefine property ownership for a sustainable future.

2025 Q2

Real estate tokenization

Real estate tokenization revolutionizes property ownership. Embrace fractional ownership, liquidity, and accessibility in the real estate market. Experience a new era of investment with Ekoketoken's innovative approach to property tokenization.

2025 Q4

Global real estate network

Join Ekoke token's global real estate network. Connect with investors, developers, and stakeholders worldwide. Experience a collaborative platform driving sustainable development and innovative solutions in the real estate industry.


2026 Q1


Stay informed with Ekoketoken's token updates. Discover the latest developments, upgrades, and announcements shaping our ecosystem. Engage with our community and be part of our journey towards sustainability and innovation.

2026 Q3


Participate in Ekoke token's crowdfunding campaign and become a catalyst for sustainable change. Contribute to our mission of revolutionizing finance while championing environmental responsibility. Together, we can create a greener and more inclusive future for all.

2026 Q2


Explore Ekoketoken's exciting new features! From enhanced security measures to innovative sustainability initiatives, discover how we're continuously evolving to meet the needs of our users. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain technology.

2026 Q4


Unlock exciting rewards with Ekoketoken! Engage in sustainability initiatives, contribute to our community, and participate in tokenomics programs to earn valuable tokens. Join us in building a future while enjoying the benefits of our rewards system.


2027 Q1


Embark on Ekoke token's global expansion journey. Join us as we extend our reach to new markets, forge strategic partnerships, and empower communities worldwide. Together, let's drive smart impact on a global scale and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

2027 Q3


Discover the newest developments in Ekoketoken's NFT Marketplace. Stay updated on featured artists, exclusive collections, and platform enhancements. Engage with the vibrant NFT community and explore the latest trends in digital real estate and blockchain technology. Join us on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation in the NFT space.

2027 Q2


Explore the latest DAO updates from Ekoke token. Stay informed about governance decisions, community proposals, and project advancements. Engage in shaping our sustainable future through transparent and decentralized governance. Join the conversation and make your voice heard in our DAO ecosystem.

2027 Q4


Visit Ekoketoken's local office page to connect with our team in your area. Get personalized assistance, attend events, and learn more about our sustainable initiatives in your community. Join us in driving positive change locally and globally.

Essential Information About Our DAO

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